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WASTELAND Chaff Cola Soda

฿120 /bottle

WASTELAND Chaff Cola Soda

  • Tasting Notes: Toffee nut aroma that lingers, fruitiness like tamarind, very subtle spice in the back. Ends with an earthy tea-like crisp finish.
  • Food Pairings: Cooked Shellfish, Braised Dishes, Pastry Game Meat, Dairy, Dessert
  • WASTELAND craft sodas are created by mixologist and built the way cocktails are made. They were designed with complexity to be enjoyed as non-alcoholic beverages on their own but with versatility to be mixed with other liquids and spirits as well.
  • Ingredients are sustainably sourced with focus for local and so does other surplus
  • Every bottle helps us fight food waste and ignite creativities toward sustainability!

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KOHI coffee chaff, WASTELAND spice blend, bubbles

About the Maker

WASTELAND is Thailand’s first sustainable bar that aims to create a conversation about environment and sustainability through beverages. Rethinking the possibilities of by-product and surplus from its potentials in flavors, textures, and aromas. That includes working with waste management and other collaborations both at WASTELAND aka ‘Community Sipping Space’ and beyond.

WASTELAND works and collaborate with chefs and communities to make the most out of ingredients to make it worth of resources that were put in. Applying practical and efficient approaches for the many possibilities of flavors, aromas, textures, and other purposes as well.

One of WASTELAND’s main focuses is ‘Perception towards parts of ingredients, what is edible and what is perceived as waste’. Just because it’s not consumed here doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyed in a feast in other cultures elsewhere.

Let’s drink responsibly for the environment!

Care Instructions

  • Keep wasteland Craft Soda chilled under 2-8 °C
  • Never put wasteland Craft Soda in freezer
  • wasteland Craft Soda should not be exposed to heat for a long time
  • wasteland Craft Soda is best consumed within 14 days for optimal flavor.
  • wasteland Craft Soda may keep up to 2-3 months in refrigerator.
  • Some of Cacao Cola and Kokoa Root Beer bottles may contain small white particle. They are fat from cacao husk and are safe to consume.

Our Supply Chain

We work directly with small-scale and family farmers, producers, fisherfolk as well as community partners who are not just suppliers, but our partners in the movement to create a sustainable, equitable and self-sufficient food system in our homeland.

Partner Farmers,
Producers, Fisherfolk & Community Partners