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“Surprise Me” Surplus Set – SMALL

฿190 /set *new price & quantity*

“Surprise Me” Surplus Set – SMALL

Surplus is food that’s at risk of going to waste—they often don’t meet the cosmetic standards of typical grocery stores. We rescue them so that they can find a happy home in your kitchen or plate ❤️

Let us curate a special surplus selection for you!

  • This set contains a fun medley of SURPLUS organic and natural vegetables and fruits (worth 280 baht), depending on the week, at up to 50% off.
  • Some produce may not be the most “perfect” looking but they’re all absolutely delicious!
  • Some produce may also be perfectly fine, but they are just too small for us to sell at our regular price or we decided to buy more than we need for the week to help out one of our partners (we never dictate the size of each produce because the market demand for specific sizes and looks of products have hindered many farmers’ ability to transition to organic farming)
  • A fun way to help reduce food waste and try some seasonal produce you haven’t had before 😉

*If you have any food allergies, please leave a message in the notes section at check out*

Out of stock


3-5 kg of SURPLUS organic vegetables and/or fruits, depending on the week

Care Instructions

Please note that this set contains our surplus items, so please do not expect perfection from the quality of this set.


Our Supply Chain

We work directly with small-scale and family farmers, producers, fisherfolk as well as community partners who are not just suppliers, but our partners in the movement to create a sustainable, equitable and self-sufficient food system in our homeland.

Partner Farmers,
Producers, Fisherfolk & Community Partners