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Sliced Pork Spare Ribs for Broth/Soup (Naturally Raised) – Frozen

฿185 /pack (500g)

Sliced Pork Spare Ribs (Naturally Raised) –great for making broth and soup! 


  • Pigs are raised using the natural deep-litter pig farming method
  • Pigs are fed 100% organic, natural, and locally sourced feed
  • Raised according to the standards of Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development
  • Comes from a farm that practices circular farm management

NO red meat accelerator, growth hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines used

500g per pack

What is naturally raised deep-litter pig farming?

Deep litter-pig farming is an alternative housing system to conventional concrete floor pig housing. Pigs are raised in spacious pig pens, with bedding comprised of natural materials that can be found locally, including sawdust, coconut husk, rice husks, corn straw, corn cob, etc. These bedding materials are incorporated with local microbial strain to aid fermentation, breaking down and decomposing waste passed by livestock. Feces excreted by animals are intensively mixed with the bedding through animal rooting and overturning, producing high-quality compost. Hence, the Deep-Litter pig raising method does not require regular cleaning and is better for the pigs and you 🙂

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Khun Supoj, Ratchaburi

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Care Instructions

Store in the freezer between -20 to -25 degrees Celsius


Our Supply Chain

We work directly with small-scale and family farmers, producers, fisherfolk as well as community partners who are not just suppliers, but our partners in the movement to create a sustainable, equitable and self-sufficient food system in our homeland.

Partner Farmers,
Producers, Fisherfolk & Community Partners