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HOMELAND was born out of our dream to create a healthy, equitable and resilient food system in Thailand.

Growing up, one of the first Thai sayings we learned was “farmers are the backbone of our country,” instilling in us so much pride and respect for the people who make and grow our food.

Yet, many Thai farmers, producers, and fishers remain one of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in our country.

HOMELAND is more than a grocery store—it’s a lifestyle based on responsible production and consumption. When you buy from us, you directly contribute to a resilient and equitable food system in Thailand as well as sustainable rural development that improves the livelihood of our partners, their families and their communities.

Welcome to HOMELAND. We're so glad to have you here.


To protect the present and future well-being of people and the planet


To foster a sustainable, equitable and self-sufficient food system in Thailand

How We Source

In addition to working directly with small-scale and family farmers, producers, fisherfolk, and community partners, we also work with organizations, such as the Thailand Organic Consumer Association (TOCA), to help drive the organic society in Thailand while supporting capacity and skill development for Thai farmers and producers. In the future, we plan to bring capacity and skill development to vulnerable groups through these partnerships.

HOMELAND team also regularly conducts field visits to visit our partners as well as other local actors. You can see our trips on our Instagram (@homeland.grocer)!

Our Supply Chain

We work directly with small-scale and family farmers, producers, fisherfolk as well as community partners who are not just suppliers, but our partners in the movement to create a sustainable, equitable and self-sufficient food system in our homeland.

Partner Farmers,
Producers, Fisherfolk & Community Partners


Our Approach

Striving to foster responsible production and consumption through our business.

Responsible Production

Direct engagement with local
small-scale farmers and fisherfolk

Transparent partnership that understands how small-scale farmers & fisherfolk operate

Long-term collaboration

Inclusive sustainable development

Responsible Consumption

Informative & engaging content + hassle-free conscious grocery shopping

Consumers' more informed, holistic, and sustainable lifestyle